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Today's Minis

Posted by Jack Hofmann on Wednesday, October 22nd at 12:26pm

Greetings! Today’s minis shall be located at North! Just meet in the quad. Blasters, socks, and bands will be provided in limited quantity (if you have blasters bring your own please!) This will take place at 5pm and run until it gets dark. If it’s raining I’ll still be there, unless it starts storming but it’s not supposed to. So come and invite all your friends! As a reminder, there will be a pizza/video game party sunday night from 6pm to midnight in 60 Willard! So join us for the fun! Everyone is welcome but if you are going to eat any of the food you’ll need to give us $3, you can pay anytime. Just simply pay Jack, Tiffany, or Gabbi.

Minis Week!

Posted by Jack Hofmann on Tuesday, October 21st at 12:57pm

Hey there party people! So this week in lieu of HvZ (because we didn’t feel we had enough players to run a fun game) we are going to run mini’s all week at the normal mission times! So sometime between noon and one I will post information pertaining to the location and time of each day’s minis so stay alert! To help make sure this is a successful week of minis be sure to invite all your friends! This is a completely open and free event and we will provide blasters and bands just like we do at very other minis!

On Sunday night/evening there will be a video game night/"We’re sorry we couldn’t run HvZ so here’s some pizza and ice cream" party. The details (such as time and location) are still in the air, but it will definitely be somewhere in Willard around 6pm until midnight (or until everyone goes home, whichever happens first). Anyone is welcome but if you are going to have any pizza or ice cream you will have to pay $3 to cover the cost! If you already paid to play HvZ you’re already covered!

Today’s minis will be held at 5:45pm until dark in West! Sunset is at approximately 6:30 though so come early! We will meet in the center quad.


Posted by Tiffany Bragunier on Monday, October 20th at 1:04pm

There will be a reformatting of the HVZ currently going on. If you are not playing this still applies to you too!

We will now be testing new games every day this week! So anyone can come be our guinea pigs!!.... ER I MEAN HONE YOUR SUPER HERO POWERS!!!

For those of you who are like BUT I PAID MONIES!!!??!??!!!

Urban Gaming Club will be hosting a PIZZA AND ICECREAM ZOMBIE PARTY after final mission on SUNDAY!
If you didn’t pay yet you can still pay 3 dollars and go to the super awesome fun times!!!!:)

Any questions or concerns please direct them to Tiffany Bragunier, Jack Hofmann, Gabbi Arotnas, Matt Osborne, or Matt Sherman. so many peoples!

Coming HvZ

Posted by Jack Hofmann on Thursday, October 16th at 1:35pm

This coming week there will be another HvZ! The orientations will be Saturday and Sunday in 60 willard at 5pm. What’s that? You’re canning this weekend or something else is preventing you from attending an orientation? Well that’s ok because there will be a late orientation monday in our office in the hub (it’s open, i.e. come in whenever and be oriented individually) this orientation will be in 306 in the HUB from 3-6pm. The cost to play the game will be 3 dollars plus a dollar if you need bands. We only charge for this so we can keep the other games free and fun :D. I hope you all are looking forward to this as much as I am!


Posted by Nicole Solano on Monday, September 29th at 8:46am

Hey Assassins! Happy first day of slaughter.

Everyone who is set to play has been activated. Make sure you are not one of these people…
1.If you are activated but didnt upload a picture ~ run the admins are coming for you. Please upload a clear picture of your face ASAP.
2.If you signed up for assassins on the website and never sent us your schedule ~ You will not be in the game until you send it to nate (nil5121@psu.edu)
3.If you sent Nate your schedule but didnt sign up for the event on the website ~ you need an adult aka contact an admin! Nate can be contacted at 484-895-5659
4.If all you need is to be orientated ~ late orientation will be tomorrow from 3-6pm in 306 HUB


  • Minis Week! Tuesday, October 21st at 5:45pm Campus

  • Late Night CTF Friday, October 24th at 10:00pm Alumni Hall

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